Shopping for farm animals?

          Our farm unit was moving along so nicely, when Gabriella, Kaylee and Ava decided to go shopping with their bags that they bring to school.  With their excitement in shopping we brought down shopping carts and a cash register for the class to all join in!  Before you knew it, I looked over and all of our farm animals were in their carts and they were taking them over to be rung up on the cash register!  Just in time for our farm unit, the sheep arrived!  My Bumblebee friends have named them Vanilla ice cream and Hot Chocolate!  We have had so much fun reading books about the farm and singing songs with our farm puppets!  Whatever we do in the Bumblebee room we are always talking about colors, numbers and letters!  Next week we will make our apple prints and make applesauce.  

          Last Monday when your children had a day off, we had an informative in-service day with a science teacher who re-enforced all the many ways we can bring science lessons to your children using the beautiful outdoor grounds at Fairville!  We are so lucky to have the outdoor space at Fairville!   We were also lucky to have a visit from the Longwwod fire company this week. After talking to us about fire safety, we got to go out and see their fire truck and all the equipment on their truck.  As they drove off we got to stand on the front porch and hear all the sirens!  That was certainly the highlight of their visit!                                                                                                                                                                                 

           You are always welcome to stay and go to Meeting with your child!  

                                            In friendship,