Paleontologists R Us!

After Winter Break, I asked the class what they wanted to study and the consensus was dinosaurs.  So for the past three weeks the Butterfly Class has been learning about dinosaurs.  We stared by making a list of what the children already knew about dinosaurs, and then we made another list of what they wanted to find out about dinosaurs.  We ready many books to find out what we didn’t know and are planning a trip to the museum to add to our knowledge.  You have probably seen our life-sized dinosaur eggs and pasta skeletons in the hallway.  We observed real fossils and made pretend dinosaur footprint fossils.  We drew and painted dinosaur pictures.  We used our math skills to measure out lengths of yarn the same size as three different dinosaurs and found objects in the school that matched those lengths.  We also stretched the yarn out on the floor and measured how many children it took to equal the size of a protoceratops and a hypselosaurus.   More math skills were needed for some of our games. The T-Rex game was a fun way to practice one-to-one correspondence, subitizing, and addition. The dinosaur bone hunt included counting the number of bones each child found.  Two other games we played were dino dominoes, good for visual discrimination, and dino color words lotto.  Some of the children are now able to read color words and the others did a great job of matching the words on the cards with the list of color words on our chart.  One of our games, Triceratops, Triceratops, T-Rex, focused on gross motor skills.  (This is just like Duck Duck Goose.) Another game, Dino Dino Where’s My Bone, focused on listening to verbal clues.  The Butterflies have had fun learning about dinosaurs.  Ask your little paleontologist to tell you all about it!