Gung Hay Fat Choy

Happy Chinese New Year!  We learned a little bit about Chinese New Year in February.  We swept our housekeeping area to prepare for the Year of the Snake, like the Chinese do.  We made paper lanterns to decorate our room.  We observed how Chinese writing is different from ours because they use symbols instead of letters and they write in columns instead of in rows.  We made red envelopes to put pennies in and did a science experiment to shine those pennies. We made Chinese friendship bracelets for our classmates.  We used chopsticks to pickup pompoms. We sang a Dragon Dance song and used bubble wrap to make firecracker noises that scare away bad luck.  But the best thing we did was make Stone Soup.  After we read the book, Stone Soup, the children made the soup themselves and we ate it for lunch along with tangerines, a traditional Chinese New Year treat.  Almost everyone ate bowl after bowl until the soup was all gone.  If you are looking for a great children’s book I would highly recommend Stone Soup illustrated by Jon J. Muth.  It is a moving retelling of the classic folk tale with beautiful illustrations.


Just FYI - In addition to learning about another culture, the Butterflies practiced many skills when they worked on the projects mentioned above including:  counting, observing, predicting, describing, listening, pincer grasp, measuring, following directions, dictation, cooperation, rhyming, cutting, drawing parallel lines, sorting, sharing, spatial relations, auditory discrimination, fine motor dexterity, vocabulary expansion and gross motor development.