International Day of Peace

     Saturday, September 21st is the International Day of Peace.  At Fairville we celebrated on Thursday and Friday by having Meeting for Worship outside in the Bike Yard.  Sharon read books about peace and we meditated about what peace means when we brought down the silence.  After the children shared their thoughts about peace we sang some peaceful songs.  Back in the classrooms, each child painted a peace dove that will be displayed in the school later.  In the Butterfly Room the children also dictated quotes about what peace means to put on the backs of their peace doves.  We were very fortunate to have a wonderful group of teenagers from Wilmington Friends School come to Fairville to help us celebrate Peace Day.  After our helpers, Caroline and Maddie, assisted the Butterflies with the peace doves, they spent time playing with the children in the classroom and outside in the taxi yard.  The Butterflies loved interacting with them. 

Butterfly Peace Quotes

“Peace is doing something nice for your family.”  Cora

“Peace is reading quietly.”  Andrew

“Peace is giving someone a hug.”  Mills

“Peace is sharing your cookies.”  Blair

“Peace is taking care of the Earth.” Charlie

“Peace is climbing a tree.”  Jackson

“Peace is hugging Mommy.”  Henry

“Peace is being kind to someone we don’t know.”  William

“Peace is being quiet.”  Mathin

“Peace is being nice to someone.” Hunter