Apples All Around

We are so very blessed at Fairville to have wonderful neighbors who just happen to live on a farm with abundant apple trees.  Each year, as fall approaches, we ask ourselves the question, "Should we take the kids apple picking - AGAIN?".  One would think - been there done that, perhaps.  But, when we posed the question to the kids (many of whom had been apple picking the previous year or years even) we were met with a resounding "YES!!".  So, off we went to the orchard.  A small trek for us adults, but to the children it is an adventure.  Our Grasshoppers truly value this tradition in all of its simplicity - and that makes us so very proud! 

Since the weather did not cooperate earlier this week we ended up doing many indoor apple activities. These included:  Apple stories, a poem, apple coloring, cutting and glueing, apple printing and apple racing (using cardboard ramps).  Our activities will continue into next week, as we put on our chef's hats to prepare apple sauce that will be used for an art project (yes, art project).  Stay tuned!