Back to School!!!!

It is so terrific to have the children in the classroom happily getting to know our supplies, routines and each other.  The first few weeks we spend time honoring the process of the children's adjustment back to school or to their new school.  There is exploration of our classroom and campus, learning the names of our teachers and friends and most importantly, making sure each child knows that they are safe and an honored member of our community.  All of this while we are having a BLAST!!  (We're pretty tricky like that;))  As we have bonded as a group, we created a Friendship Quilt which is hanging on the wall outside the Meeting Room.  Each child's first initial is on their quilt square with the decorations they chose.  We were both quite impressed and intrigued by how much the children knew about quilts and how much interest they showed in knowing more.  We think we may be looking more closely at quilts and various aspects of them.

The weather has been quite cooperative and we have made the most of it by enjoying outdoor play.  Our new climbing hill has been a BIG hit with the Grasshoppers.  We've run down it, rolled down it, hidden behind it, jumped off it and challenged ourselves by rolling hula hoops down it.  Great fun!  We are also enjoying the new Peace Garden.  While we've only had a brief exploration, the G-Hops seemed quite interested in being in touch with their inner zen musicians.

Friday. September 21st is the International Day of Peace and this week we have been reading, singing and learning about Peace.  As Peace is one of the Quaker Testimonies, we appreciate the opportunity to focus on it school-wide right at the beginning of the year.  In the Grasshopper classroom, our discussions have ranged from how people "see" peace every day, to how we can be more peaceful with each other, to simply how the word "peace" is spoken in countries around the world by children just like them.  Each class created a mosaic stepping stone for the Peace Garden that we will present during Meeting for Worship on Thursday and Friday.

I know we say this often but we genuinely mean it:  Thank you for sharing your children with us.  They are a delight!

In Friendship,

Andrea and Amy


A few reminders:

  • Back to School Night is September 27th at 7PM. 
  • Please remember that no food is to be brought in to FFSand we'd ask that you check with a teacher before you bring anything from home in to our classroom.  Even some arts and craft supplies can contain allergens.  Thanks for this attention.
  • We have papers to go home hung on clips in the doorway of the classroom.  When you drop off, if you would please check to see if you have any, we would appreciate it.
  • Please send your child with appropriate clothes for outdoor play.  In the fall, the grass can be damp in the morning so rain boots are helpful for the children.  And please, label EVERYTHING with your child's name.  :)