September Ends...

The Ladybugs have learned so much through our exploration of the September themes of All About Me, Friends, and Colors.  We enjoyed a visit with some Wilmington Friends School students during our Thursday Peace Day celebration, and we celebrated International Peace Day on both Thursday and Friday by having our morning Meeting outside and painting wooden peace doves (which are now hanging throughout the school!)  We've had great fun singing and making music with shakers, drums, and parachutes during music class with our good friend, Bill.  Playing with our “Circle of Friends” matching game and singing our “Goodbye Song” are daily activities which continue to help us connect the names with the faces of our classmates.  We are also learning to use “Ladybug Language” as we play together.  Here are some words and phrases that are part of our Ladybug world:

  • “Can I use that when you are finished with it?”
  • "May I have a turn when you are done?" 
  • using our words to tell others what we need them to know "No." "Stop." "Excuse me." "I don't like it when you..."
  • working together
  • please/thank you/excuse me
  • friends
  • share
  • hug
  • love
  • peace

Thanks to the Bensman and Bachman families for our September purple and October orange play dough!  The children are enjoying it tremendously!

Take a look at the slideshows below to see what's been going on in Ladybug land...




MWF Slideshow


T-TH Class Sildeshow