Fall Makes Way for Wintery Weather...

The Ladybugs have been busy learning and growing this fall!  See our class slideshows below to take a peak at some of the fun we’ve been having both in and out of the classroom.  Some highlights include:

  • making apple pumpkin muffins from scratch (we even peeled and chopped the apples ourselves!)
  • pumpkin carving (the kids designed the jack-o’lantern face and scooped seeds and Christine did the carving!)
  • outdoor nature walk (looking for signs of fall)
  • making salt clay dough by mixing salt, flour and water
  • creating “fall gardens” with items found on nature walk
  • raking and playing in the leaves on the playground
  • making cinnamon applesauce ornaments (using edible items, but not edible!)
  • a Friday morning visit from Annabelle (age 6) and Nathaniel (age 10) Huxtable
  • building with the unit blocks and crawling through tunnels in the Meeting Room
  • a special holiday concert performed by Wilmington Friends School 4th-5th grade Kids’ Choir 
  • counting and sorting items (pattern blocks, gourds, counting bears) by color/shape/size
  • learning the Turkey and Reindeer Pokey (to the tune of The Hokey Pokey)
  • creating, walking and crawling on a balancing maze made with the large blocks in the Gross Motor Room
  • snow, snow and more snow!!

Thanks to all the parents who were able to meet with me during parent/teacher conferences in November.  It was a pleasure to share with you all the growth and change that Vicki and I have observed in your children over the last four months.  They are little miracles, and we appreciate the opportunity to be part of their lives!

As we welcome the new year, you may notice a few changes to the makeup of our Ladybug classes.  Mollie Murphy will be moving from our T-TH Ladybug class to our MWF class, thus creating a spot on T-TH for our new friend, Charlie Neuberger.  Charlie’s big brother, Henry, is in the Butterfly class, and we are thrilled that Charlie has decided to join us in the Ladybug classroom!  Welcome, Mollie and Charlie!

Thanks to Maddie Heckert and family for our December play dough, and thanks to ALL Ladybug parents for the lovely holiday gifts.  The children and teachers alike will all benefit from your kindness!


MWF Slideshow

T-TH Slideshow