Last class?!!

Today was the last science class of Session 3, ending our unit on Color and Light.  In typical recent fashion, the sun stopped shining right around the time science began, so our sun and shadow activity had to be cancelled.  Instead, the scientists put together a shadow guessing game for everyone who comes to Fairville.  Please check out the challenging, fun game in the hallway and try to find the shadow of YOUR scientist(s)!

On the one bright, sunny afternoon where we could actually find dark shadows outside, each scientist took a photo of a mystery object in the Fairville play yards.  See if you can figure out which of the shadows below is a shadow of the following: the taxi, a gate, the ramp railing, a swing, Becca, the airplane, a bush, and a bridge.  Good luck!


Despite the cloudy afternoons that have plagued us lately, the scientists enjoyed exploring shadows inside with the help of flashlights.  One fun activity that you can do at home is yet another shadow guessing game.  Imagine all the scientists sitting on the stairs by the attic, observing shadows and trying to figure out the mystery objects their friends picked!  In addition to this, the scientists also used black and gray paint to create shadow pictures after reading the book Shadow by Suzy Lee.  The kids were truly enthralled by the amazing illustrations.  I'd suggest looking for it at the library or a bookstore!

**We will be studying States of Matter in Session 4.  No kidding!**