But we’ve already paid our tuition!

We are certain by now that you have received an Annual Giving card from the school asking you to contribute to our 2014-15 Annual Giving Campaign. Those of you who are new to independent schools may be wondering why the school is asking for your financial support above and beyond the tuition dollars you are already spending to send your children to Fairville. The fact is that tuition dollars alone do not completely cover the costs of providing a high quality educational program for your children. In general, independent schools try to keep tuition dollars as low as possible and then rely on fundraising, grants and donations to the Annual Giving Campaign to provide approximately 20% of the funds needed for daily operations. The extra gifts we receive from Trustees, faculty members, administrators, current and former families, alums and friends of the school allow us to provide the type of caring and creative programming you have come to expect from our school.


Our goal each year is 100% participation in Annual Giving from our current families, teachers, administrators and Board of Trustees. All gifts are important to the school regardless of the dollar amount. This is especially true when we are applying for grants since grantors want to know that those who will benefit from the grant believe strongly enough in the mission of our school to offer us extra financial support.

We recognize all of the gifts you bring to our community and are thankful for the many ways in which you already support our school and its programs. Fairville would not be a happy, loving and nurturing place for young children without your efforts. We are truly grateful for all you do for our school and ask you to consider giving as generously as you can to our Annual Giving Campaign.

With sincere thanks,