Wonderful Time of the Year!

. How could it be December already!  It is a wonderful time as the children are all settled into the routines of the Bumble Bee Room!  They engage in their favorite activities independently now and are so excited to see their friends arrive each day.  We are becoming good listeners, following directions, participating in classroom and Meeting discussions, and using our good manners.  We wash our own hands, put on our own coats, share with our friends, take turns,and use the potty with little assistance!  We are reading books containing numbers and practice counting to ten often.  One of our favorites is Ten Terrible Dinosaurs! We have been reading holiday books everyday.  The Gift of Giving, Dream Snow, Quiet Christmas, Snowmen at Night, Peace Book.  

. Thank you to those who bought our school books at the book fair!  Fairville children will enjoy them for many years to come!

.  We worked very hard on your gifts and had fun stenciling the wrapping paper we wrapped your gift in! The children were so proud of their gifts!

.  Thank you to Gabe's mother and grandmother for coming in and talking to us about Hanukkah! They also lent us books on Hanukkah which we all enjoyed!

.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday break with your children, and may the new year bring you and your family much peace, joy, health and happiness!  I am heading to Colorado for Christmas!


In friendship,