Winter Has Arrived!

.  Wow, what a cold January we are having!  The frigid cold temperatures have brought out our creativity in the Bumble Bee room! We have had several days when we did not go outside which gave us extra time to practice cutting with scissors, playing games to help us recognize shapes all around our room, making pictures out of shapes, making snowmen and painting with watercolors!  We experimented with Model Magic again and couldn't wait until they dried so we could paint our creations.  

.  We continue to talk about the many ways we can keep ourselves healthy.  I appreciate all of your effort in making sure your child washes their hands upon arrival!  During snack each day we talk about the vitamins in the fruit we eat!  The children like to tell me now before i get a chance to ask them first!  "Oranges have lots of vitamin C!!!"  We remind each other to cough in our arms, and sneeze away from our friends.  I hope your families have stayed healthy........we have had quite a bit of sickness at Fairville. Thank you for keeping your sick children home to rest.  As a reminder, we follow the Kennett Consolidated School District for school delays or cancellations.

.For the next few weeks we will begin a Winter unit with Betsy and our Butterfly friends!  We will read many books together about snowmen, winter, hibernating animals and studying liquids turning to solids by making popsicles and ice paints!  It will be a fun unit, that i think the children will really enjoy!


Stay healthy and warm,