As the year comes to an end.......

.I can't believe that we only have two more weeks of school!  How could that be!  It seems like i just went on home visits to meet my new Bumble Bee friends!  It has been a wonderful, fun year with your children.  I will cherish my memories of our year together.  It is however, sad to know that our year together is about to end.  I will let them go with pride in all that they have accomplished this year! Thank you for sharing your children with me!

.We spent several weeks working with letters and the alphabet and read lots of good books about letters.......but the MWF class is so interested in all the creatures of the ocean, that i decided to go into a unit about the ocean! We will continue the unit next week.  Our garden is growing and it is fun checking it everyday with my friends. We find so many of natures creatures outside at Fairville........worms, ladybugs, bats, snakes eating frogs, ground hogs, spiders, deer, stink exciting!

.Thank you to all the grandparents for coming to share a morning with their grandchildren at Fairville! What a special time for the children! And thank you to those who contributed to our playground fund for a new train and a new house!  

.ART SHOW is coming!!!!!!!! I can't wait for you to see your child's artwork!  

.Thank You for all your support and kind words this year!

.Have a great summer!