As Our Year Comes To An End..............

          As our year together comes to an end, how proud I feel about your children's growth this year!  We have had so much fun learning, exploring and playing!  We have spent the past month planting seeds in our garden and watching them grow!  We explored the ocean and all the creature in it!  We talked about the importance of rain and would look out our window on rainy days and talk about all the good things the rain was hard as it was that we couldn't go to the Taxi yard!  That's when we brought in a big bin of sand to hunt for shells and scoop the sand to build little buildings!  So fun and so messy!!!!!  Most of the Bumblebees have turned 4 recently and that has been such the talk of conversation at snack!  How exciting it has been to learn to pump on the swings!  They can't get to the swings fast enough now!  

          Thank you for lending me your children for a few hours a week!  I enjoy watching them grow from teary eyed 3 year olds in September to confident, fun 4 year olds by May!  It is time for me to say good-bye to them and it isn't easy.  Have a wonderful summer and thank you for your support and kindness this year!

                                                                         in friendship,



          I hope you all had a wonderful spring break and a happy Easter!  I also hope all my Bumblebee friends are healthy and ready to come back to school!  We got hit hard with a "bug" and there was one day that I only had one student, as everyone else was sick!  Before our break we had fun welcoming spring by making butterflies and ladybugs!  We read many books about butterflies and ladybugs and spring!  We are looking out for signs of spring when we go outside! We have planted lettuce, carrots and flowers in our Fairville garden!  We then made a chart predicting whether or not we will see our plants when we come back to school.  All said we will see them, except 3 friends said we will not.  We ended our week with Easter egg hunts!  How your children loved that!  Good practice for Easter morning!  We also enjoy our games we play finding colors and shapes around our room!  We are also getting so good with our numbers 1-10!

          We will continue our search for all the beautiful signs of spring at Fairville!  We planted flowers as a group to get ready for Fun Fair on Green up day!  I hope you all will attend and have lots of fun at Fun Fair!  Bring all your family and friends!  

                                                               in friendship,


Little by Little.......We have Learned So Much

          It was so nice meeting with you all for conferences!  Even though conferences are over for the year, please don't hesitate to ask me questions when you have them!  As I write this, we are expecting snow tonight.  I sure hope it is just a dusting and doesn't delay school!  The first day of spring is this week and I am hopeful that winter is behind us after tonight!  Our poor taxi yard will be a muddy mess for a few weeks, so please continue to send in boots!  We are planning to have make-up days.  We have never had to do this as long as i have worked ar Fairville.  We do have school Easter Monday.  We also have added 5/27, 5/28, 5/29 and 5/30.  Art show is now Wednesday, 6/4, 4:30-6:30 (raindate Thurs. 6/5)

          We have been having fun talking and reading about all the people in our community and the things they do.  They have decided that they want to be firemen, policemen, mommies, princesses, race car drivers, doctors and one ambitious Patrick, wants to be a fireman, policeman and a farmer!  We had fun setting up a post office in our room.  We have built garages for the firetrucks, played restaurant, brought out medical equipment and played nurses and doctors!  Between our baby dolls and Patrick, we always had enough patients!

          Next we will be looking for all the wonderful signs of spring!  Send in any books your children like on spring, flowers, trees and gardening!  Little by little.....we have learned so much together this year!


                                                        in friendship,


In the Midst of the snow storms, school is fun!

     What a winter we are having!  Through it all we are having fun with our transportation unit at school!  We have done transportation puzzles, read books, have done floor puzzles and enjoyed playing in a large boat made out of a box that Amy's class gave us!  We have built a train out of boxes, and built garages to park all of our cars and fly all of our planes!

     We also went into the kitchen and made salsa with Judy!  Your children sliced peppers and tomatoes, mixed it with onions, garlic and peppers and stirred it all together.  We will enjoy it for lunch soon.  How cute your children looked in their aprons!

     Laurie brought in a big bin of snow for us to explore on the days it was too cold to go outside!  How fun it was to mix, scoop and build little snowmen inside!

     Pajama day is another fun day at Fairville!  Meeting is so fun seeing everyone in their pajamas and slippers!  We read lots of books about bedtime and pajamas!

     We continue to love music with Bill.  We sing and dance and play drums and march with sticks and sing with shaker eggs!

     Your children are growing in so many ways!  I think about them back in September, and watch them now and I am so proud of their growth!  They are amazing!

                                                         in friendship,


Winter is Here!

          While the weather outside has been very cold, we are busy inside the Bumble Bee room.  After a long winter break, it has been so nice watching your children interact with their friends!  It has been very obvious that they missed each other over the break!  We have had fun playing with all our new toys that you gave us.  Thank you again for being so generous!  We began the month doing our science experiment watching our liquids turn to solids.  We poured water into ice cube trays, added food coloring and set it outside and observed it freezing.....then we did our beautiful ice paintings!  There was such interest in our new trucks, that we began a unit on transportation.  We are currently talking about trains.  We brought in the train table and have been building train tracks together.  We also read the book --Not A Box  and have been building our own train out of boxes! We are in the middle of painting it now.  We are also practicing our cutting with scissors!  Practice at home too!  We cant seem to do enough puzzles right now!  We have done many floor puzzles together all about transportation.  Your children are growing and developing in so many ways!  Let all your friends know that we are having an Open House at our school on Sunday January 26th from 2-4:00!

          More snow and freezing weather in the forecast.........stay warm.....winter is here!

                                                                                  in friendship,






Tis the season for peace and giving

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!  Our food drive was a success and I thank you for your donations!  How proud the children were walking their donations up to the baskets at Meeting!  What a great way to begin to teach children the importance of giving to their community.  The Bumblebees also made handprint turkeys that we made into napkin holders and Vicki took them to a nursing home to decorate the tables!

December is a short month for us with so many fun things to do together to celebrate the season.  We will be focussing on peace and the gift of giving.  We will read books about peace, giving, winter and snowmen!  December in pre-school is all about paint, glue and glitter!  Kaylee's last day will be Dec. 18th!  We will miss her!  Her family is moving and I wish them the very best!  I will not be at school on the 18th, as I am flying to Colorado for the holiday!

Thank you for meeting with me for conferences and we are enjoying reading the books you gave us from the book fair!  Thank you for helping our Fairville library grow!

      I wish you all a happy holiday and a new year full of health and happiness!





Feeling thankful

      With the holiday season approaching, I can't help but feel blessed and thankful that I get to teach your children.  We will be talking about our family this month and share all that we are thankful for. We have enjoyed watching our taxi yard trees turn colors and we love collecting all different color of leaves that have fallen to take home to our mothers!  A special thank you to Hunter who has brought in his collection of woolly bears that prompted a search for more woolly bears on the playground and we were so excited to find them!  It then led to a study on woolly bears.  Juliana brought in a book about them and I read it at Meeting!  We also drew pictures of woolly bears!  Always feel free to allow your child to bring in their favorite books!  I hope you have signed up for a conference and I look forward to meeting with all of you!  


                                       Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! 


Shopping for farm animals?

          Our farm unit was moving along so nicely, when Gabriella, Kaylee and Ava decided to go shopping with their bags that they bring to school.  With their excitement in shopping we brought down shopping carts and a cash register for the class to all join in!  Before you knew it, I looked over and all of our farm animals were in their carts and they were taking them over to be rung up on the cash register!  Just in time for our farm unit, the sheep arrived!  My Bumblebee friends have named them Vanilla ice cream and Hot Chocolate!  We have had so much fun reading books about the farm and singing songs with our farm puppets!  Whatever we do in the Bumblebee room we are always talking about colors, numbers and letters!  Next week we will make our apple prints and make applesauce.  

          Last Monday when your children had a day off, we had an informative in-service day with a science teacher who re-enforced all the many ways we can bring science lessons to your children using the beautiful outdoor grounds at Fairville!  We are so lucky to have the outdoor space at Fairville!   We were also lucky to have a visit from the Longwwod fire company this week. After talking to us about fire safety, we got to go out and see their fire truck and all the equipment on their truck.  As they drove off we got to stand on the front porch and hear all the sirens!  That was certainly the highlight of their visit!                                                                                                                                                                                 

           You are always welcome to stay and go to Meeting with your child!  

                                            In friendship,



Off to a great start!

We are off to a great start in the Bumble Bee Room!  Your children are wonderful! We have just a few tears on arrival, but they quickly stop as we engage in fun activity like playing with play-doh, painting at the easel, doing puzzles, playing with trains and cars and my special airplanes!  Before you know it we are playing dress-ups with friends dancing to music!  They all like to make me lunch in the kitchen area!

I love to watch them interact with their friends.......that they just met 2 weeks ago!  Already they are concerned when Georgia was absent and they asked several times where she was!  It is exciting to see them engage in activities and interact with each other.  Whatever one does, sometimes they all want to do it too!   

We go outside almost everyday!  They can't wait to swing, run up and down on the hill, play in the sandbox and of course drive the taxi! Again I enjoy watching them run around the play yard with their new friends!   We had Meeting today in the bike yard as part of our celebration for International Day of Peace.  It was a beautiful morning and we sang songs of peace and shared what peace means to us.  After Meeting we came inside and painted peace doves that we plan to hang in the school.  The children loved painting their doves!

We also started music with Bill today!  What a surprise that was for my new students!  We sang, clapped, danced, beat on big drums together and sang with shaker eggs!  It was so fun and so cute!  We have music every other Thursday and every other Friday all year.               

We will begin a unit on farms, harvest and our new season autumn!  We will make apple prints, make applesauce and read lots of books about fall on the farms!  We already enjoy playing with farm animals in our room.  We will make a barn together....painting and gluing and cutting!!!!! We will make a fall tree with all the colors of fall!  We have observed that the trees are green now and in the next few weeks what a change they will see!    

It has been a pleasure getting to know your children! 

                                          In friendship,


A New Year of Friendship Begins



A very warm welcome to our Fairville students and families!  

The program at Fairville incorporates the Quaker testimonies of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship. Children are nurtured in body, mind and spirit by experiences that speak to their physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and creative development. Fairville children are taught conflict resolution and peacekeeping in the manner of Friends.

Please feel free to contact your classroom teachers if you have any questions or concerns.