Tis the season for peace and giving

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!  Our food drive was a success and I thank you for your donations!  How proud the children were walking their donations up to the baskets at Meeting!  What a great way to begin to teach children the importance of giving to their community.  The Bumblebees also made handprint turkeys that we made into napkin holders and Vicki took them to a nursing home to decorate the tables!

December is a short month for us with so many fun things to do together to celebrate the season.  We will be focussing on peace and the gift of giving.  We will read books about peace, giving, winter and snowmen!  December in pre-school is all about paint, glue and glitter!  Kaylee's last day will be Dec. 18th!  We will miss her!  Her family is moving and I wish them the very best!  I will not be at school on the 18th, as I am flying to Colorado for the holiday!

Thank you for meeting with me for conferences and we are enjoying reading the books you gave us from the book fair!  Thank you for helping our Fairville library grow!

      I wish you all a happy holiday and a new year full of health and happiness!