Off to a great start!

We are off to a great start in the Bumble Bee Room!  Your children are wonderful! We have just a few tears on arrival, but they quickly stop as we engage in fun activity like playing with play-doh, painting at the easel, doing puzzles, playing with trains and cars and my special airplanes!  Before you know it we are playing dress-ups with friends dancing to music!  They all like to make me lunch in the kitchen area!

I love to watch them interact with their friends.......that they just met 2 weeks ago!  Already they are concerned when Georgia was absent and they asked several times where she was!  It is exciting to see them engage in activities and interact with each other.  Whatever one does, sometimes they all want to do it too!   

We go outside almost everyday!  They can't wait to swing, run up and down on the hill, play in the sandbox and of course drive the taxi! Again I enjoy watching them run around the play yard with their new friends!   We had Meeting today in the bike yard as part of our celebration for International Day of Peace.  It was a beautiful morning and we sang songs of peace and shared what peace means to us.  After Meeting we came inside and painted peace doves that we plan to hang in the school.  The children loved painting their doves!

We also started music with Bill today!  What a surprise that was for my new students!  We sang, clapped, danced, beat on big drums together and sang with shaker eggs!  It was so fun and so cute!  We have music every other Thursday and every other Friday all year.               

We will begin a unit on farms, harvest and our new season autumn!  We will make apple prints, make applesauce and read lots of books about fall on the farms!  We already enjoy playing with farm animals in our room.  We will make a barn together....painting and gluing and cutting!!!!! We will make a fall tree with all the colors of fall!  We have observed that the trees are green now and in the next few weeks what a change they will see!    

It has been a pleasure getting to know your children! 

                                          In friendship,