In the Midst of the snow storms, school is fun!

     What a winter we are having!  Through it all we are having fun with our transportation unit at school!  We have done transportation puzzles, read books, have done floor puzzles and enjoyed playing in a large boat made out of a box that Amy's class gave us!  We have built a train out of boxes, and built garages to park all of our cars and fly all of our planes!

     We also went into the kitchen and made salsa with Judy!  Your children sliced peppers and tomatoes, mixed it with onions, garlic and peppers and stirred it all together.  We will enjoy it for lunch soon.  How cute your children looked in their aprons!

     Laurie brought in a big bin of snow for us to explore on the days it was too cold to go outside!  How fun it was to mix, scoop and build little snowmen inside!

     Pajama day is another fun day at Fairville!  Meeting is so fun seeing everyone in their pajamas and slippers!  We read lots of books about bedtime and pajamas!

     We continue to love music with Bill.  We sing and dance and play drums and march with sticks and sing with shaker eggs!

     Your children are growing in so many ways!  I think about them back in September, and watch them now and I am so proud of their growth!  They are amazing!

                                                         in friendship,