Little by Little.......We have Learned So Much

          It was so nice meeting with you all for conferences!  Even though conferences are over for the year, please don't hesitate to ask me questions when you have them!  As I write this, we are expecting snow tonight.  I sure hope it is just a dusting and doesn't delay school!  The first day of spring is this week and I am hopeful that winter is behind us after tonight!  Our poor taxi yard will be a muddy mess for a few weeks, so please continue to send in boots!  We are planning to have make-up days.  We have never had to do this as long as i have worked ar Fairville.  We do have school Easter Monday.  We also have added 5/27, 5/28, 5/29 and 5/30.  Art show is now Wednesday, 6/4, 4:30-6:30 (raindate Thurs. 6/5)

          We have been having fun talking and reading about all the people in our community and the things they do.  They have decided that they want to be firemen, policemen, mommies, princesses, race car drivers, doctors and one ambitious Patrick, wants to be a fireman, policeman and a farmer!  We had fun setting up a post office in our room.  We have built garages for the firetrucks, played restaurant, brought out medical equipment and played nurses and doctors!  Between our baby dolls and Patrick, we always had enough patients!

          Next we will be looking for all the wonderful signs of spring!  Send in any books your children like on spring, flowers, trees and gardening!  Little by little.....we have learned so much together this year!


                                                        in friendship,