I hope you all had a wonderful spring break and a happy Easter!  I also hope all my Bumblebee friends are healthy and ready to come back to school!  We got hit hard with a "bug" and there was one day that I only had one student, as everyone else was sick!  Before our break we had fun welcoming spring by making butterflies and ladybugs!  We read many books about butterflies and ladybugs and spring!  We are looking out for signs of spring when we go outside! We have planted lettuce, carrots and flowers in our Fairville garden!  We then made a chart predicting whether or not we will see our plants when we come back to school.  All said we will see them, except 3 friends said we will not.  We ended our week with Easter egg hunts!  How your children loved that!  Good practice for Easter morning!  We also enjoy our games we play finding colors and shapes around our room!  We are also getting so good with our numbers 1-10!

          We will continue our search for all the beautiful signs of spring at Fairville!  We planted flowers as a group to get ready for Fun Fair on Green up day!  I hope you all will attend and have lots of fun at Fun Fair!  Bring all your family and friends!  

                                                               in friendship,