As Our Year Comes To An End..............

          As our year together comes to an end, how proud I feel about your children's growth this year!  We have had so much fun learning, exploring and playing!  We have spent the past month planting seeds in our garden and watching them grow!  We explored the ocean and all the creature in it!  We talked about the importance of rain and would look out our window on rainy days and talk about all the good things the rain was hard as it was that we couldn't go to the Taxi yard!  That's when we brought in a big bin of sand to hunt for shells and scoop the sand to build little buildings!  So fun and so messy!!!!!  Most of the Bumblebees have turned 4 recently and that has been such the talk of conversation at snack!  How exciting it has been to learn to pump on the swings!  They can't get to the swings fast enough now!  

          Thank you for lending me your children for a few hours a week!  I enjoy watching them grow from teary eyed 3 year olds in September to confident, fun 4 year olds by May!  It is time for me to say good-bye to them and it isn't easy.  Have a wonderful summer and thank you for your support and kindness this year!

                                                                         in friendship,