Colors and Shapes

The Butterflies have spent several weeks studying colors and shapes.  We hunted for shapes in our classroom, throughout the school and outside in the play yards. We played Shape Memory and Color and Shape Bingo.  We hammered wooden shapes onto corkboard to make pictures. We matched not only shapes, but also shape names.  We traced and laced shapes.  We experimented with mixing colors to make new colors, first predicting what the outcome would be.  We graphed our favorite colors.  We went downstairs and used the light table to further experiment with colors and shapes.  We used shapes to make patterns.  All of these and various other activities did more than help the children learn about colors and shapes.  They also provided opportunities to work on many skills including visual discrimination, short term memory, listening, fine and gross motor, counting, patterning, one to one correspondence, observation, sequencing etc.  And all of this happened while the children thought they were just playing!