Construction Projects #2 and #3

Cora, Grace, Gus, Jonas and Sam had their turn to build with the unit blocks today.  They divided themselves into two groups - boys and girls.  

The girls made a castle.  This is how they described what they built:

"The castle has a bedroom for us to sleep in.  There is a ballroom and a gate for the horses to go outside.  There is another gate for the people to go outside.  We made two ballrooms so a lot of people can get in.  There are steps to go downstairs."

The boys made a house.  This is how they described what they built:

It has a ramp.  There is an engine under part of the house.  There is a big wall because when it's windy we don't want the wind to blow our stuff away.  It has a sidewalk so people can walk on it and play on it.  Cars go down the ramp."