Final entry for 2013 - 2013 school year

This is the last Butterfly blog of the school year.  Most of May was spent exploring the topic of construction.  The children experimented with many types of construction materials ranging from traditional wooden blocks to marshmallows and toothpicks.  One of their favorite projects was designing and building a skyscraper.  After a few unsuccessful tries, they came to the conclusion that we needed a wide, stable base for our building.   With help from me to place the top boxes and hot glue it all together, they built their skyscraper.  The next step was painting it.  The class decided it should be gray so we had to mix white and black paint until we got just the right shade of gray.  The last step was drawing on all those windows – that took a long time! 

Another activity that everyone enjoyed was leading morning exercises. The children got to lead morning exercises when it was their last turn as Today’s Helper.  They had to stand in front of the rest of the class and decide if we counted forwards or backwards, fast or slow.   They did a great job with it.   And just FYI, your child probably told you that he or she hardly ever got a turn to be Today’s Helper.  I know it seemed that way to them, because it is a long time (two weeks actually) between turns, but each child was Today’s Helper fifteen times. :)

One fun activity we did the last week of school was to harvest the lettuce we had planted in April and eat it for snack.  The children made a shopping list for Judy of what they wanted to add to their lettuce to make a salad, and then we had a salad bar for snack one day. 

In addition to studying about construction, the Butterflies also learned about butterflies in May.   We had five painted lady larvae in our classroom that we were able to observe as they spun their chrysalises for the pupa stage and finally emerged as adult butterflies.  Each child made a Painted Lady Lifecycle Book, and we released our butterflies on the last day of school.  It was exciting and a little bit sad for the children to watch their butterflies fly out into the world.  It’s like that for me at the end of the school year when I watch my Butterflies leave the Butterfly Room and fly on to new classes and new schools - exciting and a little bit sad.