Happy Holidays

When we weren’t out playing in the snow in December, we were inside talking about Hanukkah and Christmas.  We read several books about Hanukkah, made menorahs with play dough like Melly did in the book "Melly’s Menorah,"and played the dreidel game, which is a fun way to practice some math skills.  We concentrated on patterning this month, and two of our Christmas projects involved patterning.  We made bead ornaments with an ABB pattern, and we made edible multi-colored cereal ornaments for the birds.  The children got to make up their own patterns for these.  The bird ornaments were part of our Night Tree project.  "Night Tree" is a delightful book about a family who decorates a Christmas tree outside for the animals.  The Butterflies made pattern cereal ornaments and molded birdseed ornaments then took them outside and hung them on a tree in the Gazebo yard for the birds and other small animals to eat.  We hung them up on a Friday and when we checked the following Wednesday to see if anything had been eaten we discovered all of it was gone!  We read many Christmas books including "The Polar Express."  After we read "The Polar Express" I asked the class what they would choose for the first gift of Christmas if they could pick anything at all.  The answers included:  a cheetah, a shark, a bow and arrow, a dog, a rainbow loom, a penguin, a golden butterfly and the spirit of Christmas. 

Wishing all of you a peaceful and joyful holiday season.