Week of December 10, 2012

We haven’t forgotten our acorns. We spent November exploring textures of tree bark and leaves, counting the trees in all the different yards at Fairville & graphing our data and making our family trees for Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, most our of acorns have grown roots and two have stalks. In other words, we have baby trees! We have diligently watered our acorns, watched and recorded our observations in our individual Growing An Acorn Books. A few children’s acorns have not grown at all, and these acorns will placed outside for the winter, as they may need to be dormant in order to grow in the spring(fingers crossed). We discussed at Circle time last week, the possibility that only a few acorns might grown into trees. Only having two sprouts at this point might mean that the baby trees would become class trees instead of individual ones. We also transplanted the sprouts/seedlings that seemed to need more room to bigger containers. There are many acorns with roots that look promising and hopefully will produce stalks as well.  I have high hopes for this experiment; we will see how it pans out. I will be taking the plants home with me over break as my dining room has excellent morning light. In January, I am hoping to obtain a growing lamp(anyone have one they are not using?) to foster their growth back in the Firefly Room. Plants typically don’t grow well in the Firefly Room as the covered porch blocks direct sunlight.