Week of December 3, 2012

The Fireflies have been interested in the letters of their names.  This week, we had a Letter Hunt in the room. At Circle Time, each child received an envelope with their name on it and had to find the letters in their name in the correct order. This last direction was hard to follow, if a child recognized a letter that was in their name but hadn’t they had found the proceeding letter they were not allowed to pick up the out of order letter.  When a child found all their letters, they put their envelope on the rug and helped a friend find their letters. After the hunt was done and all the letters all accounted for, we gathered on the rug to spell out our names. This was a good opportunity to point out that names (and other words) start at the left .  Having spelled our names, we played a letter game; I would announce a letter and if the letter was in a child’s name, they were to stand up. A visual cue was provided if necessary. The Letter Hunt  was so popular that we held another hunt  the next school day as soon as the children entered the Firefly Room!