Baby it's cold outside...

But it's warm in here! Warm enough to grow trees.

Five trees flourished over break, and the other  11 are outside for a deep freeze. Upon return to school, we labeled the five trees with numbers from shortest to tallest. At circle times that week, the Fireflies observed and analyzed the similarities and differences between the growing trees. ..

“Tree 5 and 4 both have six leaves.”

“Tree 3 has a cracked acorn but Tree 2 does not.”

“The stems on the all the trees are red”

“Tree two has buds and the other trees have leaves”

“I can’t see the roots any more.”

Please read more of the children’s observations, they are posted in the room under the bulletin board. After the observation and discussion, each child made an observational drawing to document and “draw what you see.”  The children noticed differences in height, color, number or leaves, buds on the small tree trunks.  The drawings are impressive and on display in the room and hallway.