Math is FUN!

The Fireflies have been, counting, recording, estimating, and measuring...

Last week we played a game called Zitternix. The children work  together to keep the sticks steady as they remove one stick at a time from the structure. After the structure falls, the group counted the sticks they were able to remove. We tried to beat our previous record each time we played. The Fireflies love this game and have no idea that one of the reasons I like to put out this game is the children practice counting with one-to-one correspondence.


The MWF class used every unit block in the room to build a road that stretched across the room. Every child at one point during play time added blocks to the road. Building the road involved using spatial relationships and reasoning skills as the children told each were the blocks should go . They built lego cars and the forest animals traveled on the road. When all the blocks were used up, I asked the children how many blocks did they think were in the road. I wrote down all their estimations and then we counted all the blocks. Then We compared our estimations to the actual number of blocks.


Yesterday, I had the pipe cleaner box set out, so we could sort out the brown pipe cleaners for a tree project. The children set out on their assigned task,and when they had sorted out the browns, they weren't quite done. Children made bouquets and graciously gave them Laurie and I. Drew started building a line, twisting the ends of pipe cleaners together. We started sorting out all the different colors and pretty soon every child in the class squeezed in around the box. Children sorted and moved on and came back to the project as they pleased. By the end of the activity, we had a very tidy box and Drew had a very long line. The pipe cleaner line was longer than our room, so we look it out in to the hallway. The Fireflies laid down next to the line and it was longer than six children!