Do you hear what I hear?

The Tuesday/Thursday class went on a bird walk this week.  I wasn’t sure how successful we would be but as soon as we went outside the children had their eyes and ears ready to spot and hear birds. We saw a flock of geese by the pond beside our school, and then a hawk flew above our heads.  “Caw Caw!" Sasha quickly declared, “I heard it!” and Drew identified the bird song was from a crow.  We heard a another bird song  but couldn’t see the bird, but  Riley K. said the sound made a “Chickadeedeedee” sound.  Suddenly, we heard a “Weegaaa, Weeegaaa, Weegaaa” and followed that sound to the Bicycle Yard. Under the pine trees, Aidan picked up pine needles and said, “Birds can use these!” and Riley K.  agreed saying, “Yeah, in their nests!”  Our most exciting discovery, was waiting under the pine trees, a beautiful scattering of yellow, black, and grey feathers! Luis pointed out, the different sizes of the feathers and we also noticed a second type of downy feather was lying on the ground as well.  Each child collected one feather and I picked up the rest for later study in our classroom. As we were walking inside, Marcella joined the class late that day and didn’t have a feather and Riley P.  promptly  gave her feather to Marcella! Upon returning to the room,  each child put their feather  in a baggie to bring home. Don’t worry, Mathin, we saved one for you!

At Circle Time, I read the book birdsongs and we talked about all the different sounds we heard on our walk.  After Circle, each child came to the table to work with me one on one, to make a list of the Bird Songs from our walk. Each child remembered a sound from our walk and copied the letters to write the words: CAW, HONK, CHICKADEEDEEDEE, PIPIT,  OR WEEEEGAAA. The Firefly children were extremely interested in this writing project and repeatedly asked for their turns. It gave them an opportunity to associate  letters with  their sounds, practice writing, forming the letters and proper pencil grip. Later this week I will introduce the word: Ornithologist: a zoologist who studies birds; Bird Watcher. I wonder which child will be up to the task of copying that big word!