Bird Plans!

As an extension of our tree experiment, we have started a bird study in the last few weeks. When a new topic of study is introduced, we generate two lists: what we already know about the topic and what we want to know. The BIRD lists are hanging in the room underneath the bulletin boards, please ask your child to show you the lists, it will make you smile. As part of designing a study, I often involve the children in the planning process as this increases their excitement and level of interest in the topic. I wanted to take the children on a bird walk today(see previous blog post), but I was disappointed because the weather ruined my plans. This was the perfect time to see what ideas the Fireflies could generate to add to our  Bird study.  At Circle Time,  we read Riki’s Birdhouse and I asked what activities from the book did the Fireflies want to do in our classroom. Of course, the first idea was...BUILD A BIRDHOUSE! Luckily, the book has detailed instructions and Laurie is headed to the lumber store for us (Thank You!). Blair wanted to to a make a special project for the bird's nests. Mills wanted to feed the birds and Bodie wanted to spread out the bird seed across the playground. Jason wants to make special bird treats and dig for worms. Charlie wants to build a bird bath. Cerys wants to make our own bird nests and Meghan wants to put in colorful yarn to make them rainbow! We decided as a group to make a bird journal. Andrew was absent today but I know he will love practicing our woodworking skills in preparation for building the bird house.

Often the children's ideas often overlap with what I have already planned, and so I was particularly pleased that I could implement a  "special project for the bird's nest" right away. We set to work on making Nest Zest, pieces of yarn 4 to 8 inches in length that the birds can grab from the Nest Zester, a wire bird feeder. I explained that the children will need to use a ruler to measure(Math Skill!) the yarn before they cut it(Scissor Skills!) Spring is approaching so we are going to work hard to fill our Nest Zester, so the birds will grab the string and build colorful nests with them!