Planting and Growing

The last two weeks, we have planted fruits and veggies in the garden, and we planted sunflowers that will come home mid-May. We also checked in with our oak tree in see how it is doing in the spring weather. We planted watermelon, kale, and radishes. The Fireflies hope to sample  Kale and radishes before the end of school. The children  enjoyed digging in the soil and hunting for worms as we palnted the seeds. We also planted sunflowers that the children will take home after they sprout. By the fall the sunflowers will be 5-7 feet tall so find a place in your yard to replant it, once it is too big for the original container. All the talk about seeds and growing reminded us of our remaining oak tree. Each child got a chance to measure and record how tall the tree has grown( 11 centimeters). At Circle Time, we collected items that were the same height of of the tree and compared our items. 

Our sunflower activities focused on science, measurement, and writing. When we planted our seeds we discussed that it would need soil, sun and water to grow. We noticed that some of the seeds looked different from each other and notices the different color flowers on the seed packet. Each child practiced writing letters as they guessed what color thier sunflowers would be. At cirle time, we discussed that out flowers would be "about as tall as Meaghan."  Sixty inch measuring tapes were handed out and the children found items that were as long as or tall as the sunflowers will be. The rugs and  one of the tables in our room were the right size and outside in the gazebo yard,  the fence, bridge and gazebo were sunflower size as well. We also drew pictures of ourselves, the fullgrown sunflower  and something that will be the same size as the sunflower.