Flowers And Mandalas


The first few week of school, we explored flowers by dissecting, cutting, painting with them, and making bouquets. When one of the children was placing flowers in a bowl of water he noticed the flower blossom  was floating on the surface of the water. He called his classmates over to witness the discovery. The next day, we explored this concept further outside with a tub of water and a plethora of flowers(Thank you, Laurie!). The Fireflies discovered the blossoms float right side up and upside down, with stems on and off, and big and little leaves floated as well. After each child a turn floating flowers till their hearts were content, we gathered as a group to learn about and design a flower mandala. The word "mandala" comes from a Sanskrit word that generally means "circle," and mandalas are primarily recognizable by their concentric circles and other geometric figures. The shape symbolizes many qualities such as unity, wholeness, perfection and divinity and has been prevalent in most cultures around the world. In this guided activity, The fireflies learned to repeat colors and designs as we tried to build concentric circles. We paused at the end of the experience to admire the simple beauty of out flower mandala.