Fireflies First Week

This week the Fireflies are making new friends and learning the routine of our classroom. At Meeting for Worship, Sharon read books about listening, preschool activities, making friends, and knowing you are loved by a parent even when you are at school without them. Those themes were carried over into Firefly room as well.  The Fireflies are learning how to say goodbye to mom or dad, many for the first time. The children are enjoying learning our daily routine and are already remembering what comes next. The activities during Circle Time and Free Play are helping us make new friends.

Many of  our activities revolved around learning each others names and learning how to begin a friendship. At Circle Time we played a game called Meet GLOW; our classroom mascot. GLOW was introduced to the children but he had to learn the children's names. GLOW was passed around the circle as music played, when the music stopped, the child holding GLOW stood up and said their name. This was a fun and exciting way to get to know all of the Firefly friends; ask your child to introduce you to GLOW at your next drop off. During Free Play, we played a board game, Hand in Hand, that encouraged the children to use observation skills, turn taking, and following directions. At the art easle, two children were paired with each other during Friendship Finger Paintings. Each child greeted  the other child at the beginning of the activity as modeled by the teacher. Each child got to choose their finger paint color and painted on the same piece of paper beside their newly introduced companion.  We visited our garden this week and picked sunflowers that were taller than Meaghan! Laurie brought in beautiful flowers from her home garden for the Fireflies to dissect, and the children were engaged with exploring petals, stems, leaves in our Flower Cutting Station. Could this be the beginning of a study topic? We had so many flowers that I am actually wondering if Laurie's garden is bare! The children  thoughtfully picked out a flower to bring home and every child cut, dissected  and sorted flowers till their heart was content and still we had a plethora of flowers! I posed a  two queries to the MWF Fireflies...How do flowers make you feel?(Happy) ....And what to do with all of our beautiful flowers? After a lengthy conversation, the Fireflies decided to give flower-filled vases to the other classrooms at Fairville and we quickly delivered the Happy Flowers before the end of the day.

The first week of school was exciting and filled with new experiences, I look forward to getting  know your children as we grow, learn and laugh together.