Baby, It's Cold Outside...

But it's warm in here! The frigid temperatures may have kept us inside our first week back, but we had plenty to keep us busy! The cold inspired us to read the The Little Kittens and then at circle time we had to find the match to our lost mittens. Each child was given two picture mitten cards but they were mismatched, then each child had to identify another child had one of the mittens that they needed. Instead of pointing at the matching card, each child had to use describing words to obtain a match. This simple activity proved difficult but the Fireflies were up for the challenge.

We also read, The Mitten by Jan Brett at circle time.

The story begins with Nicki, a young Ukrainian boy, who hopes that his grandmother will knit him some cozy white mittens. After she makes them for him, she warns that if he loses them, it will be difficult to find them in the snow. Nicki assures her that he won't lose them, but no sooner than he leaves the house, he drops one of them! As he searches for his lovely mitten, something very interesting takes place. The creatures of the forest are slowly making their home in his mitten: a mole, then a rabbit, a hedgehog, an owl, a badger, a fox — even a bear! They pack themselves in as tight as they can, but a small mouse manages to come in and his whiskers tickle the bear's nose. The bear sneezes, and all of the animals pop out of the mitten, causing it to sail in the air just as Nicki is about to give up. Grabbing the mitten triumphantly, he takes it back to his grandmother's house.

As we read the book a second time at snack, we discussed the different vocabulary found in the book. Bulging, burrowed, jostled, talons, commotion were just a few of the words that your children defined!

To practice our scissor skills, each Firefly then cut out their own big stretched out mitten, but we painted it so it wouldn't get lost in the snow. The MWF children got to visit the meeting room to play with the blocks. We took the forest animals, as well, to build homes for them so they wouldn’t all have to cram into a mitten!


The Fireflies practiced making patterns this week with circle stickers. The children looked at a repeating pattern of stickers, a sequence that goes and then repeats itself over and over again, and duplicated the pattern on a long strip of paper. In preschool, identifying and creating patterns is just the is one of the building blocks to future math skills.

In the coming weeks, we will explore other Jan Brett books, comparing and contrasting the stories & characters and doing exciting activities based on her books.