Press Here!

After Spring Break, we started a book project inspired Press Here by Herve Tullet. The class was given this book as a gift at the beginning of the year and when the book is on our bookshelf the children gravitate to the magic of this book. The video on the left is an excerpt from the book. The Firefly children are truly delighted by this book and soon we are laughing and giggling with the whole class gathered around the book as a teacher reads  it.

We read the book at circle time and each child decided what color their first circle would be and how it would change when the page was turned. After our group time, each child sat with a teacher and giggled as they decided how their book evolved. Printing letters, proper hand grasp and letter recognition were some of the skills that each child developed during this activity. When complete, child and teacher read the book with amusement. I was hoping the children would put their books on our class bookshelf, however, the children were so excited to bring their projects home right away!