Has Spring Sprung?!?!

Welcome back to school!  We trust you had a wonderful and relaxing Spring Break.  School was quite busy leading up to break and while most of you were in for a conference and caught up on the happenings around the classroom, we though we'd give a brief recap along with some photo treasures to enjoy!!


We have the blessing of having a student in our T/TH class whose country of origin is China.  Nan and his family were gracious to share their nanny Vivi with us for a presentation on the Chinese New Year!  The children were captivated by the story, the lanterns, oranges and drum.  Vivi told the children what year they were born in (Year of the ___) and they were DELIGHTED!  We always strive to enrich our curriculum multi culturally and are extra excited when we have the pleasure of a student sharing his or her own culture.  The learning is so much more meaningful when the children can relate to it personally.  Thank you Stone family!

Our study of islands and ocean went out with a bang for the MWF students thanks to Ethan Cramer (Elias' Dad).  He shared his homemade volcano complete with food colored lava to the gleeful shrieks of us all!  Thank you Ethan and Elias!!  We had so much fun! This class also enjoyed a morning Yoga practice with Disha Mattive thanks to some generous parents.  It is always interesting that things present when they are most needed and the kids and teachers all needed that time to stop, stretch and breathe.  It was wonderful.  And if you haven't had the pleasure of a yoga class (adult or child) with Disha, please check her out.  As educators, we are so impressed with her program.  She REALLY understands how to teach.

We had a "successful hatch" of 12/12 eggs from Quiver Farms!!  Yay us!  Farmer Eric came to deliver the eggs and gave the children a little presentation about the hatching process and even brought two adult chickens (Rocky and Adrian...Yo!) from the farm!  We created observation journals for each of the children and when they came in to school, we would walk over to the incubator and observe then, record our findings.  We sometimes prompted with questions and also used the journals as we looked at other eggs (other than chickens) but have made teacher notations in the journals so when the journals come home, you should be able to figure out the process.  The children are great at explaining their journal work too!  It was unfortunate that the hatch happened overnight so the children did not get to observe the actual process.  Luckily, one of our teachers had captured a hatch from last year on video so we were able to show this to the children.  Our egg hatch is a wonderful, miraculous and delightful experience that our whole community enjoys. It is heart warming to watch the children bring their parents and siblings in to see the eggs/chicks in the mornings.

As we look forward to the Spring, we are hearing the children express an interest (coming out of the egg topic) in tadpoles/frogs and perhaps also chrysalis/butterfly!  Sounds like a scientific spring!!  We may see it turn toward reptiles, who knows. :)  We watch, listen and follow their interest!

As the weather warms we are looking forward to more bike track time!!  Of course, it wouldn't be Spring at Fairville without PLENTY of outdoor time and gardening.  We planted some seeds before break and will put plants in our G-hop garden plot as soon at it seems safe from frost.  PLEASE continue to send boots for children as well as a change of shoes.  Our play yard is muddy!

See you soon!

Andrea and Amy