Life Cycling

The Grasshopper room is alive with new life!  Spring boarding off our chick hatching and a newborn curiosity about creatures that come from eggs, we decided to embark on a journey to discover new life.  Our discussion began by exploring what animals are born from eggs.  Our students soon learned that not just birds, but reptiles, amphibians, insects, extinct dinosaurs and the amazing duck billed platypus all begin life in eggs.  Beautiful representations of these creatures can be seen hanging in the main hallway.

We arrived at school one Wednesday morning to discover that our friend, Mary Merkle, had a wonderful treasure to give to our young learners.  A large cluster of frog eggs!  Perfect for the continuation of our exploration of new life.  We poked and prodded and observed our clutch of frog eggs and after a couple of days even observed movement and twitching from within.  Our tadpoles hatched and were carefully transferred to our aquarium and ever since have been the source of much discovery and conversation.  They have already grown to many times their original size and just this past week - tiny little back legs are forming.  Finally!

We have read and enjoyed many books about frogs and have discussed the difference between factual non-fiction books and made-up fictional stories.  Our students have learned about camouflage and even created their own hard-to-see frogs.  We have posters of the life cycle of frogs which include drawings of frog spawn (eggs), tadpoles and adult frogs.  The kids made their own mini life cycle chart to take home.  Ask your child to recite the "Polly-Wog" poem...  The MWF students shared this at Meeting last week.  All of the kids have become quite adept at listening for rhyming words in any kind of literature piece and are quick to point them out! Good listeners!

We have also embarked on another life cycle journey... butterflies!  Again, beginning from eggs, to caterpillar, to chrysalis, to butterfly.  Our Painted Lady butterflies are now in the chrysalis stage and have been placed in the butterfly pavilion.  We are anxiously awaiting the dramatic rebirth of our caterpillars and will keep you posted!  Our students made their own caterpillars which have now entered into their own chrysalis.  Again, we are waiting for the transformation! We read the story, "Waiting for Wings" by Lois Ehlert and enjoyed the beautiful, bright pictures.  We also listened to the story, "Arabella Miller's Caterpillar" which made us more excited for the arrival of our own amazing butterflies!

Our Tuesday Thursday group had a very special, hairy visitor last week... Oliver!  Oliver is Amy's eleven year old golden retriever who is no stranger to Fairville.  He has spent many a day at school over the past few years and just seems to blend in with the kids and daily life at Fairville.  He was so excited to see the kids, run around, fetch tennis balls and chew on the the hand delivered sticks the kids were bringing to him.  Oliver then quietly napped as the kids went about their business in the Grasshopper room.  Not sure who enjoyed the day more... the kids or Oliver!

It is hard to believe that the end of the year is so fast approaching!  Many fun days are ahead including Grand Friends Days and the Art Show.  We will savor each moment of our final days with your children, that's for sure!


Andrea and Amy