Autumn All Around Us

The season of fall is a time of amazing changes in our environment and a great opportunity to use all of our senses to observe these changes.  We began our fall exploration by looking closely at leaves.  The children used the sense of sight to share words to describe leaves – pointy, round, red, green, yellow, orange, brown, purplish, falling down, and floating.  We also discussed the sound of leaves as they crunch and the feel and texture of leaves.  We read the books, “Fall Leaves Fall,” and “Leaf Jumpers” and also a poem called “Rain of Leaves”.

We completed a few fun fall art projects in the Ghop room.  As you enter our classroom one can’t help but notice the beautiful fall spirals carefully and skillfully cut round and round by the kids.  We then used a leaf press to make leaves and glued them all over the spirals.  We made colorful fall trees by painting our arms and hands (trunk and branches) and printing this onto paper.  Red, yellow and/or orange leaves were added to the trees with paint and tissue paper.  Finally, leaves were painted and pressed to make a beautiful fall display.  The GHop room looks like an autumn wonderland!

The Grasshoppers have also been learning about patterns.  This concept was first introduced on our calendar when we noticed the colors of the number cards repeating a pattern: red, yellow, orange…  We then made the same pattern using body motions: clap, pat, stomp…  We also showed this pattern using unifix cubes.  The kids enjoyed using leaf cutouts to glue a continuing pattern onto paper.  It will be fun to see how I can challenge the kids to show patterns using a variety of different materials – including themselves!

As the season changes we will continue to use our senses to observe the changes in our environment.   Stay tuned as we taste, yes taste, the season of fall as we delve into a delicious study of apples!