Roley Poley Apples

Apples, apples everywhere!  Apples rolling, apples balancing, apple cutting, apple drawing, apple graphing…  You name it, we did it with apples!  We started off our apple unit by reading the story, “Ten Apples Up on Top” by Dr. Suess.  This is a very silly story about animals trying to outdo each other by balancing apples on their heads while doing various zaney things.  We, of course, had to try this too and we had a blast in the Meeting room attempting to balance just one apple up on our heads.   As you can imagine, this was very challenging, but so much fun to try!  We then continued our apple fun by playing an apple toss game and having apple rolling races with long ramps.  The kids loved it!

We incorporated some apple math by stamping ten apples 1 to 10 and then adding the corresponding seeds (dots) to each apple.  Each child brought in their favorite apple and we graphed them by color.  The kids placed their apples according to labels on our “real” graph.  We discussed which color apple was the most, the least, the concept of how many more and combining and counting different color combinations (How many red and yellow apples are there on the graph?).   Lots of math fun!

We also created many apple art masterpieces.  These included quilted fabric apples, apple still life drawings, and roley poley apple art where we sacrificed a real apple which was rolled and bopped around a box with paint and paper.  This created a very cool zig-zagging pattern!

To top it all off we got to go into the kitchen with Judy!  We all rolled up our sleeves, put on our aprons and got busy making apple sauce.  After a brief discussion on safety, the kids chopped and chopped and chopped, ever so carefully and oh so (or not so) precisely, lots of apples to be made into apple sauce.  We put them into our electric skillet with some water and cinnamon and watched and waited.  As the apples started to simmer the smell was divine!  The whole school smelled delicious!  We got to enjoy our culinary creation with our snack and we were even able to share the leftovers with the rest of the children in the school at lunch!

I am always amazed that something as simple as an apple can open up a world of learning, creativity, and fun for kids.  Finally, I will end with our poem…  If you haven’t heard it already, ask your child to perform it for you – SO cute!

I’m a roley poley apple and I rolled off the tree.

YOU came along and you stepped on me!

I go squish-squish.  I go squash-squash.

Now guess what?!  I’M APPLE SAUCE!!!

In Peace,