Peaceful Grasshoppers

September 23, 2013

Peace is…  This was the topic of the week for the Grasshopper class and one for which I was delighted to engage the children to ponder.  The concept of peace is simplified for a four/five year old to grasp and understand.  What I found was that if “the world” applied what your children identified as the meaning of peace – Wow!  This planet might be a different place.  Let me share some of their responses…  Peace is:  Sharing a stuffed animal, caring for others, playing with a friend, giving things away that we don’t need, quiet, smiling, my mom, sharing a choo-choo, reading a book, coloring, and LOVE.  These thoughts are simple, but right on!

We read many books about peace this week including “The Peace Book” and “Paulie Pastrami Achieves World Peace”.  We also talked about three different symbols of peace:  A dove, the two-finger peace sign and the circle peace sign.  The kids really enjoyed using the dove paper press which popped out peace doves by the dozens.  The children finger painted with blue and green paint and then cut out a circle to represent the earth.  We then glued small white doves and hearts all over the earth to represent world peace.  They were so proud of this multi-stepped project!

Our Peace Day activities included a very special Meeting for Worship outside!  Both mornings were gorgeous and it was so amazing to hear all of the sounds of the outdoors during our whole school silence.  We then returned to our classes to paint peace doves.  Each child was supplied with a wooden dove and a multitude of colored paints to create their own unique and special dove.  Their messages of peace were printed on the back with each child’s name.  Keep your eyes out for this beautiful flock of doves to be displayed at school in the near future.

The MWF students had some very special visitors on Friday.  High school students from Wilmington Friends School came to spend the morning at Fairville.  Our buddies were welcomed whole heartedly by your youngsters and Tai and Khalid were amazing with your kids!  They wasted no time, jumping right in to do play-dough, puzzles, read stories, help with projects and paint peace doves with the class.  We enjoyed snack together and then the fun continued outside on the play yard.  The kids played, chased and had a blast with Khalid and Tai and we were delighted to make this connection between young and “old” students.

The T/Th class was treated to the very first music class of the year with Bill!  Besides the usual songs, shaker eggs and marching, the kids played on four large drums.  They had so much fun pounding, tapping and beating to the music Bill was playing!  Lots of fun!

This is just the beginning of what I feel is going to be a fabulous Grasshopper year!  Each class is feeling comfortable and connected to each other and enjoying every day.  I look forward to seeing everyone at Back to School Night on Thursday, September 26th!