Brrrrrrr!  We made the most out of the frigid temps by experimenting with the cold.  We decided to be scientists for a bit and explore what would freeze and what would not.  The Grasshoppers started with water and went from there.  We brainstormed things to freeze and came up with:  paint, juice, milk, vegetable oil, and maple syrup (Thank you Judy!).  We made predictions and set out our samples into the arctic polar vortex cold.  When we came back the next day we recorded the results and were a bit surprised to find some of our samples not completely frozen!  Can you guess which?  We also froze some interesting objects in water like pinecones, crayons, dinosaurs and legos.  The frozen water balloon orbs were also very interesting.  No Polar Vortex was going to stop us from having fun in the G-Hop room!