Cardboard Creations

The Grasshoppers spent some of January and most of February surrounded by cardboard. Boxes of all shapes and sizes, tubes, flat pieces and long pieces were used to spark imaginations. We kicked off our unit by reading the story, “Not a Box” by Antoinette Portis . Students were asked to come up with and draw their own Not a Box designs. We brainstormed as a class and made a list of all the things we could make with a big box. After discussing many amazing ideas, our groups came to consensus… A castle it would be!

The process of constructing, cutting, gluing and painting our castle took many hours of cooperation. We painted turrets, discussed placement of windows and doors, decorated the inside of the castle and painted the outside of the castle. Then… imaginations ran wild! Knight's shields, princess hats and king's crowns were created to go along with the imaginative world we had made. All of the kids in the school had a blast playing in the castle, which resided in the Meeting Room for all to enjoy.

We didn’t stop there… We used boxes and tubes to paint beautiful overlapping squares and circles. The kids designed intricate ramps for cars, a bean bag toss game, a multi-level parking garage, a puppet theatre and a magnificent sailboat. Sailor hats, telescopes and an anchor accompanied the long journeys on the sea.

This unit of study was a very uplifting adventure in the ways of simplicity. Hours of fun, cooperation, imagination and creativity were had using materials that would have otherwise been discarded. We were able to touch on every important area of child development using our hands (fine motor), bodies (large motor), imaginative play (social interaction and language), creativity (cognitive and artistic) and cooperation.

Stay tuned for our next adventure into the world of PASTA!