First Publishing Party a Success!

On Friday morning the Kindergarten class held a publishing party to celebrate the writing they have been doing during Writing Workshop. Each student chose a piece of writing to share with the class and then read their work from a special author's chair.  The audience practiced attentive listening and/or participated by asking the authors questions about their writing or illustration.  A round of applause was given to each author to show appreciation for their hard work. 

After all of the children finished reading, we met for a special snack of banana muffins, tangerines, and orange juice or sparkling apple juice.  We celebrate the children's writing throughout the school year to show our appreciation for the developing skills of our very young writers and to give the children an opportunity to practice public speaking skills.  As the school year progresses, parents will be invited to join us for our publishing parties. The Kindergarteners are eager to learn more about writing and are already looking forward to our next publishing event!