Beginning Mindfulness in the Kindergarten

Step by step, the Kindergarten has been introduced to the practices and ideas of Mindfulness; an area that is increasingly meaningful to educators and administrators as it pertains to childhood education. The students have been very receptive to a daily practice of quiet time, deep belly breathing, and occasionally listening to a guided meditation on CD from Linda Lantieri's Building Emotional Intelligence. The narrator walks them through a whole-body relaxation exercise.

We have explored the ideas: What do our bodies feel like when we are relaxed, worried, happy, tired?

What can we do when we are angry, sad; what can help us?

The books by Gail Silver, Anh's Anger and Stepping Stones, have been received with enthusiasm and curiosity. In Anh's Anger, the main character, Anh, actually spends time with his anger, which is visually represented. As they spend time together, stomp, breathe together, the anger slowly shrinks and disappears. The students made their own visual representations of an "angry anger" and a more "calm/no anger," which you will see in the slideshow. 

This has been a positive beginning for everyone to a practice that will be of life-long benefit.