Science updates in the Kindergarten

The Kindergarten was excited to choose and befriend a "class tree" that they would be studying as Scientists through the school year. The first task was to draw its portrait from life in the late summer (September), before the leaves changed. That artwork is exhibited in the slide show. The students enjoyed noticing details that were specific to this unique and quaint tree in the barn yard.

Also, as part of the Science unit "Friends of Nature Through the Year," the students received their official "Science kits." Ready with magnifying glasses, journals, crayons and investigative minds, the students have explored outdoors in teams of two. We have paid special attention to the fact that Scientists observe details!! So, the students have been excited to seek out the details of the natural world around them, with the help of those magnifying glasses, and a more patient eye.

The slide show depicts the students sharing their discoveries, with everyone getting a turn, and everyone truly interested in the findings!

The Still Life was set up for the students to draw with the goal of including as much detail as possible. The students were up to the challenge, and it was a first-time challenge, but they as ever gave genuine effort.