A Visit from the Worm Lady

Hetty Franke came to Fairville on Thursday morning to teach the Kindergarten more about recycling and composting. She explained how important it is for us to do our part to reduce, reuse and recycle in order to keep the earth a healthy place for all.  She explained that recycling is just like any other habit: The more you do it the easier it becomes! Hetty brought her indoor worm bin with her.  She dumped it out onto the table so the children could see the worms and the organic material the worms in her bin are currently eating. We learned how to find the mouth on a worm and how to determine what can and cannot be tossed into the worm bin.  At the end of the morning we had the opportunity to make our own worm bin to keep at the school.  We always have plenty of fruit and vegetable scraps at Fairville so vermi-composting seems like a natural step for us! We are currently awaiting a delivery of 500 red wigglers---our worm bin should become a lot more active this week!