Science in the Kindergarten Class

Science in the Kindergarten Class:
The first topic of science in the Kindergarten class was the ocean. We explored many children's books on the topic, and we shared our own experiences of being by the ocean, the sea, or some type of water-related-fun experiences.

This felt board helped us in our exploration of matching living things with their appropriate habitats ("homes").

After the students considered what creatures live in the ocean, they decided on their own to add to our class ocean.

The students' fine motor skills were very impressive as they made a large (or small) version of their chosen creature, cut out the shape, traced the first shape, and cut out the second identical shape. Then, they chose their colors and designs; independent of adult input. After the drying process, I did the stuffing and stapling. Then, the students put their final touches on their creations before they were added to swim in the ocean.

As a whole class, the students shared "something their ocean creature knows that we don't!" in addition to any other scientific or imagination-filled information.