Happy New Year!


In math this month, we continued working on number identification, 1 to 1 correspondence and proper number formation with numerals 11-20.  We enriched the math curriculum by reading fun math literature such as, Ten Black Dots, 12 Ways to Get to 11, One Moose, Twenty Mice and The Twelve Days of Kindergarten.  Your children love being read to! The children practiced finding compliments of ten by playing various partner games with dice and fun manipulatives (animals and cars).  They counted 11 blocks on a number line and then made their own sculptures out of these blocks.  The children were so proud of their sculptures.  Taking a photo of these designs increased the excitement factor of this activity! The class practiced correct number formation by creating their own unique playing cards.  They will be coming home soon for all to enjoy a fun and educational game of “go fish”. We have continued to send home an estimation jar with a child to fill with small objects.  If you have not received the jar home yet, it will be coming home soon. 


Oh boy, your children are creative! They absolutely love anything and everything that has to do with art.  It is such a joy to watch their creativity bloom! This month we created popsicle stick snowflakes by assembling, painting, and decorating them.  They are adding sparkle to our classroom as they hang from the ceiling.  We were hoping these snowflakes would help bring some snow for us to play in and enjoy.  We also enjoyed the story Snowballs and created our own unique snowperson.  We thoroughly enjoyed all the materials available to make it our own. 


Our focus this month was on snow, ice and salt.  We learned all about what happens to water when it freezes by conducting a hands-on science experiment.  We filled water bottles with water and set them outside over night to observe what happened to the water when it froze.  We were all excited to gather those water bottles and use our senses to observe the results of our experiment.  Ask your child, “What happens to water when it freezes?" We also learned about what salt does to ice.  We conducted two experiments. We observed how fast ice cubes melted in our classroom, one sprinkled with salt and one without.  The children were amazed how ice cubes attached to a piece of yarn after salt was sprinkled on them.  They all took turns lifting the yarn and attached ice cubes out of the water.  The excitement was evident by the expressions on their faces and the oohs and aahs. The salt experiment carried over into art.  The children sprinkled salt on their watercolor paintings.  We watched with amazement as he salt reacted with the watercolors and made our paintings amazing!

Literature Based Activities

Our playground has been so muddy this month, that we thought we should talk a bit about mud.  The children enjoyed reading Mrs. Wishy Washy together.   We practiced reading and spelling simple text from the literature.  The children illustrated their own Mrs. Wishy Washy book.  By reading these books aloud, the children gained confidence in their reading abilities. They were so proud of the words they could read all on their own.  Have your child read books with simple text repeatedly, even if it is memorized.  This activity will build his/her confidence as a reader. 

The children enjoyed a poem and book about Groundhog Day. Every child made a prediction and we tallied the results.  The children made groundhog puppets.  Scenes for their groundhogs were created.  These scenes allowed their groundhog to “pop out” of his burrow.  This is where their creativity flowed.   Homes with pop out doors, underground tunnels and clothing were created for these groundhogs.  They truly amazed me with their creativity!!