Woodland Animal Project and Publishing Party

During the months of January and February the Kindergarten students were hard at work on a woodland animal project as part of their language arts and science learning. Each child chose an animal to study and then developed questions to guide their learning, such as: "What does a squirrel eat?", "Do snakes come out at night?", or "Where do foxes live?" Teachers helped the children search through a large collection of non-fiction library books to find the answers to their questions. The students then drew an illustration and added words to their drawings to answer whatever question they had asked. Each child asked at least four questions about their animal of choice. When all four questions were answered, the questions, illustrations and answers were assembled into an "All About" booklet. The children loved being animal expers and the authors of their own factual booklets. When all of the books were finished, we invited the parents into the classroom for a publishing party. The parents got to hear children read their books, then everyone celebrated with a snack of muffins that were baked by the children with help from Judy.  Building excitement for the reading and writing processes is one of the primary goals of our Kindergarten language arts program. The children are very proud of their developing skills and delighted when they have the opportunity to share what they are learning in the classroom. We are looking forward to our next opportunity to invite the families or others in the school community into our classroom!