It's a Mystery!

Thoughout the school year on Thursday or Friday afternoons, the Kindergarten students have enjoyed having mystery readers arrive at the door of the classroom with exciting books in their hands! Mothers, big brothers, Fairville teachers, and grandparents have all volunteered to be classroom Mystery Readers this year. Some readers have arrived equipped with a special project, others have come in costume, others have come with books to donate to the classroom library, and others have come just for the pleasure of reading a favorite story to the willing listeners in our class.  The Mystery Reader program is not my original idea; it is however an idea which I believe works very well for children this age. The Kindergarten students love trying to guess who the reader will be and have learned to asked great questions to uncover the reader's identity. In fact, it is getting increasingly difficult to keep the Mystery Reader a secret until the end of the school day!

The Mystery Reader program is another way in which we make books, reading and listening to stories come alive for the five-year olds in our program. If you are interested in being a Kindergarten Mystery Reader, please let me know! The children and I would love to have you come in and read to us!